WSOPC Tbilisi: an Exclusive Service For PokerDiscover Players


On March, 3-9 in The Sports Palace of capital of Georgia, in the very heart of the city, a grand event will take place: World Series of Poker makes a first stop in Eastern Europe! PokerDiscover team made a special service package for our players and subscribers who decided to visit series.

WSOP took a step on lands of Eastern Europe for the first time in its history. This stage will go down in history. The most famous tournament series in the world took with itself not just many years of experience of such competition but $700,000 in guaranteed prize money, which is spread between twenty something events.

World Series tournaments have a different structure and many peculiarities. One of which is WSOP Circuit branded rings distribution with seven of the tournaments where you can win one at the Georgian stage.  This is some sort of equivalent to WSOP Golden Bracelets but on a smaller scale.

WSOPC Tbilisi Main Event with $1,100 buy-in champion and the best player of the series will go to Las Vegas to participate in the biggest event of the whole season – WSOP Global Casino Championship with $1,000,000 guaranteed.



Transfer, taxi, concierge and tours from PokerDiscover

All the players of PokerDiscover will have a special concierge number in Tbilisi where they can call with any questions: what to watch, where is the cheapest and the most delicious food, where one can find true national cuisine, best wines in the city and so on – all kinds of stuff.

When you call concierge say a code word – DISCOVER.

Phone numbers:

  • (+995) 597 740 777 – mobile number (make a call from any country or Georgia to ask all the questions which are somehow connected with WSOPC);
  • (+995) 599 740 777 – Viber (for those who finds this service more comfortable), you need to choose a contact name 8622 – this is our service operator.

So what’s good for our players have we got:

  1. Transfer

Firstly, we’ll meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel (and back, accordingly). There is an opportunity to take a ride in a lux auto – but that is optional service for players.

  1. Taxi

Panta Taxi is available at any time of day and night on special tariffs to all our players. It will take you from your hotel to the place where series takes part and back – or any other place in town. Numbers for subscribers are aforementioned.

  1. Tours


Georgia is rich with picturesque places, monuments of history and culture. Mtskheta – an ancient capital of Georgia is a 25-minutes ride from Tbilisi. The city was founded at V century BC. It is a first place to visit in lists of many people.



There is an ancient Jvari monastery not so far from Mtskheta. There is a great unique look to rivers Kura and Aragvi sight which inspired writers and poets of all the nations who visited Georgia.

Популярностью также пользуются следующие достопримечательности:

Other very popular place to visit:

  • Tbilisi funicular railway, which was opened in 2013 after a long reconstruction;
  • Old Tbilisi in historical part of Tbilisi with lots of churches, narrow streets and historical monuments.
  • Narikala, which rises over the city. There is a cable way leading to it, by the way.


Old Town

There are many interesting places. One can chose anything for at TripAdvisoror take a consultation from the concierge!

We wait you all in Tbilisi in the beginning of March!

Additional contacts:

Skype of the concierge: mark_st2 (any other additional questions, but the entire official service on the phone only).



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