Venetian Macao: Chinese alpha-casino


The top-of-the-range casino in Macau, the largest one, the most famous one, the most beautiful one. The seventh largest building in the world has everything inside of it: gondolas, shops, boxing matches, poolside cocktails, baccarat and even poker.


Name: The Venetian Macao

Owner: Las Vegas Sands

Location: Cotai Zone, Macau

Total area: 980,000 m2

Opened in: 2007.

In fact, the Venetian Macao is a copy of the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas, but it is twice as big. It’s a kind of a Venetian town with its sights, streets, and people. The Venetian Macao was opened in 2007. However, it is still the largest casino in the world. The venue ranges among the ten largest buildings in terms of area: more than 50 football pitches may fit into this monster.

Around 12,000 people serve from 70,000 to 100,000 visitors every day. The 39-storey hotel offers almost 3,000 first-class rooms.


The “Gambling zone” of the Venetian Macao occupies the area of 50,700 m2, approximately 5% of the total area. However, it is enough to allocate 3,400 slot machines and more than 800 tables.

VIP-guests may enjoy separate facilities that include a number of private poker rooms - Paiza Club.

Almost all more or less known gambling games are introduced at the casino. Of course, the special attention is paid to the favorite Chinese game – baccarat.


One of the few poker rooms in Macau is located in the Venetian Macao. Even Texas Hold'em is a novelty for the Chinese. The first Chinese poker room was opened in 2007. Therefore, the Venetian casino is considered to be innovative within this framework.


Upon a closer view it turns out that the world largest casino has only 10 poker tables... Moreover, they are not always opened, and the rake is almost the highest one in Macau – 5%, up to HK $300 (~ $ 40).

The most popular cash limits: HK $25/50 and HK $50/100 (~ $3/6 and $6/12). Because of the huge rake the visitors of the Venetian are usually inexperienced players who often demonstrate a loose game. Although no two times are ever the same – the power of Asian players lies in their unpredictability.


The Macau alpha-casino captivates you at once and for a long time. It is good at everything, except for poker: a huge rake, few tables, queues.

As for the rest the Venetian certainly or definitely has no equals – even among the several dozens of the first-class Macau gambling venues. The venue has been built to be fully autonomous: live and enjoy yourself. Restaurants, shops, gyms, gondola rides, music festivals, and what’s more – there are even special rooms for weddings!

In short, you can come at the Venetian Macao only once and stay there forever.


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