Zeus Poker Club in Minsk: new place, new name and cash festival in January


On the first day of December 2016 one of the best poker clubs of Belarus changed its name to Zett and now it is situated almost in the center of the capital in entertainment complex “Belaya Vezha”. In January 2017, the renovated club will host cash festival within Belarus Poker Tour

For some weird reason, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the new name of the club “Zeus” is cult scene from “Pulp Fiction”:

"Zed's Dead, Baby. Zed's Dead."

Just put Zed instead of Zeus as “Zeus” transformed into something bigger and entered the new principal level. Now it is called Zett and it is ready to become bigger and better.

Now one of the best poker clubs of the country and the capital is situated on Masherova prospect, 17, the same place where “Belaya Vezha” complex with its own casino and restaurant Grand Bellagio.

“You can’t change the venue”

“It’s been 100 full workdays since our poker clubs started operating in the new place, in “Belaya Vezha” entertainment complex. It’s too early to make full analysis yet, but one thing is for sure – the change of the place was painless. All the regulars were happy to relocate to “Belaya Vezha” with us, besides, we’ve got a lot of new visitors of the regulars of “Vezha”, the representative of Zett commented in a while after the dislocation was changed.

Now the clubs has three playing tables, which are usually active all the time. Sometimes there is only action on two tables. Another table will be added in January:

  • Firstly, the demand is too big and they need expansion;
  • Secondly, the club will host cash festival within BPT and they need to be prepared.

“We’ve got three tables for December and we’re planning on expanding their number to fours in January. We still cooperate with BPT, we’re still the cash-partners of the series…” another quote of the representative of the club.


What do the regulars of the club think of the relocation? Here is what:

“An excellent place, it is a step ahead without any doubts. New club is a good thing as it attracts new players. Thanks to the relocation to “Belaya Vezha”, the playing field has changed. Back in the days it was a battle of regulars sometimes, and now it is not like this at all. One facility has a casino, restaurant, karaoke, sportsbook within it, people just come up and ask what’s here and seat at the table sometimes,” says Georgiy Chumakov in his interview.

Looks like such a serious move as relocation of the poker club (such a prestigious one as “Zeus”) facility was painless indeed.

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Casino and discount for foreigners

Poker club Zett is closely connected with entertainment complex “Belaya Vezha: and that means it now has full scale casino, sportsbook and first class restaurant Grand Bellagio:

  • Gambling facility “Belaya Vezha” has almost 80 slots with games by legendary Austrian company Novomatic and 13 playing tables; the entry is free.
  • Restaurant Grand Bellagio is 77 tables, hookah rooms, alcoves, karaoke (the entry is free), everyday live music, excellent European cuisine. What’s important, poker players are able to order any dish 24/7. It wasn’t like this in “Zeus”.


To party streets are nearby “Vezha” with a lot of clubs and other entertainments for everyone. It’s another reason why Zett win on its new location. In result, it means just one thing: more new players! And these players wouldn’t be some pros, these are just the guests of the capital and people who are willing to have fun.

Foreigners have special treatment, by the way:

  • Firstly, they would be met in the airport (with free transfer during cash-festival) and the rooms for them will be reserved;
  • Secondly, 40% discounts for living in the hotels Mariott and Victoria Olimp;
  • Thirdly, sportsbook VIP Bet с live-bets, wide bet selection and high odds.

Cash festival from January 6 to January 16

Hotel “Victoria Olimp” will host the first stage of 2017 Belarusian Poker Tour and the cash partner of this competition is traditionally poker club Zett. During that period four playing table will be working in the facility 24/7 with stakes starting from $1/2 NL Holdem to $25/25 PL Omaha.

All the guests will have free transfer, 24/7 cuisine and many other features.


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