Who is “Goose” and why does Holz call him the best?


Who is “Goose” and why does Holz call him the best?

One of the predictions for the finishing Poker Masters high roller series in ARIA came true. Back in January 2017 Fedor Holz told that this is going to be the year of Steffen Sontheimer, a young German player who’s been nicknamed “Goose” by his friends

«Predicting the breakout year of @RunGo0seRun. Best player in the game right now» – the exact words of Holz.

We are very well aware that Fedor is unique so we can trust his words. And this prediction turned out to be correct. Sontheimer became the hero at Poker Masters, earning $2.7 million! I took him only 5 tournaments! He also triumphed in the main event for $100,000, where he came ahead of his compatriots Fedor Holz and Christian Christner.

Where did that young German come from and why do we get to know of him just now?

An unknown champion

 “Goose” began in online. He’s been playing since 2012 and his nickname is Go0se.core!; he achieved great results. Since 2015 he started to perform at live tournaments. He wasn’t aiming for cheap tournaments right from the start; he has chosen high roller events with buy-ins of $25,000 and more in the most cases.

The biggest win of his career before the above described triumph has been in Aria Super High Roller with buy-in of $100,000 back in May this year. Then “Goose” was second and won $1,223,264.

Poker Masters was really explosive for him. Steffen Sontheimer got ITM in four out of five tournaments and won two of them! We should not even clarify the company at these events was quite intense. For instance, the final table of the tournament with buy-in of $50,000 featured Fedor Holz, Phil Helmuth, Adrian Mateos, Bryn Kenney, Dan Shak etc.

Best of the best couldn’t keep up.

Sontheimer now has time to troll Helmuth on Twitter and at the table making the latter mumble something like “I’m sick of those young jerks”.

If Helmuth is mad, “Goose” must be good. This year he has earned $5,787,791 in live tournaments! This amount is bigger than the one of Holz (Holz got $4,100,000). The German was able to win more than $6,000,000 in live tournaments total and hi career his only just begun.

This success of their collegue is not news for all the super high roller community. Sontheimer has been in party with Holz, Nitsche and some other famous Germans. And when you party with those guys, success is only the matter of time.

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