Poker Discover: life without spam


Tired of spam from poker clubs? Poker Discover is offering you a new way of interaction between gamblers and gambling establishments. It is an ideal choice for poker community.

Just leaving a phone number in the poker club an unsuspecting gambler may become a spam-target. All days long a flow of worthless, illiterate and ugly formed messages is rushing into people’s life. But they just like poker and want to find other gamblers.

A gambler has to find a game by himself and sometimes his duty is to prepare the card-table, which means to keep calling to establishments, friends and keep reminding that he is interested in some special poker version, not just anything.

So, we see some one-sided and crooked relations: a person does the duty of the club organizing his leisure time by himself.

And this won’t work. The Poker Discover resource is going to change this situation. Totally. It would change poker live. Or poker club live at least. Gamblers and establishments will interact in a new fashion.

Here is how.

Peculiarities of the Poker Discover service:

  1. Subscribing to particular card-tables in your favorite establishments.

It’s an ideal solution for regulars. Any favorable club may be added to favorites list and there will be no need to search for it again later. Moreover, a gambler can activate/deactivate subscription to any card-table.

Every time a chosen table is open/close a gambler is notified about it. This function is available for the establishments that place their cache games on our server and it will be just perfect for regulars who play limit games.

  1. Preferences

Each player has the right to specify the following:

  • game status (ready or not),
  • radius (how far one is ready to go),
  • gaming preferences (what game types and limits are interesting).

After that all establishments covered by the chosen radius will find out your needs. They may send messages to gamblers who are ready to play or just call the specified number (this number may be withheld in profile settings). When gamblers are quite active a smart club manager is able to gather them to a table from the ground up even when it refers to rare poker types. That’s highly convenient for travelers. There is no easier way to find poker players you’re willing to play with.

  1. Club manager profiles

Poker Discover takes care also of poker club holders. They also have their own profiles where one can find lists of cache tables, tournaments and players. These lists may be expanded and updated.

A manager may add a gambler to favorites, send messages to ready-to-play gamblers, write notes and mark clients with different colors, besides, a manager is always aware of gamblers being online.

The Poker Discover system is transparent, clear and profitable both for clubs and players. The former find clients and the latter find their game. And that’s it. No spam. No problems.


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