One Drop Extravaganza: the most expensive poker tournament in history


One of the grandest events in the poker history already started (on October, 13th). At least if we’re talking of charity events. Almost a week of high roller tournaments with buy-ins of €10,000 to €1,000,000 and cash games with rocket high stakes and €300/hour rake.

The upcoming event is exclusively for businessmen and recreational players, no professionals. This decision was made by the organizer of the event Guy Laliberte there were more pros than amateurs on the latest One Drop event, so the latter had no point in participating in such an expensive event against opponents this strong.

So the sweetest tournament in the world will happen in friendly atmosphere, no hoodies and headphones. This is very good for the development of poker,

What, where and when

Here is some factual information. One Drop Extravaganza series will take place in MonacoCasino de Monte-Carlo, on October, 13-17. 35 persons already confirmed their participations (no list disclosed). Looks like, this number won’t increase drastically. But we can wait for many re-entries.

The prize fund of the main event with €1,000,000 buy-in will be at least €31,111,115 in the worst-case scenario. This means that the winner will receive more than €12,500,000. €888,889 of the buy-in goes to the prize pool and €111,111 will fund the charity organization One Drop, the major goal of which is drinking water spread all over the world.

Which events will also take place? Here are the major tournaments:

  • TEXAS HOLD’EM (NO- LIMIT) €10,000 BUY-IN October, 14
  • OMAHA (POT- LIMIT) - PLO €10,000 BUY-IN October, 14
  • TEXAS HOLD’EM (NO- LIMIT) €25,000 BUY-IN October, 15
  • 6-HANDED Mixed (PLO & NLHE) €10,000 BUY-IN October, 15
  • 6-HANDED TEXAS HOLD’EM (NO- LIMIT) €10,000 BUY-IN October, 16
  • HEADS UP TEXAS HOLD’EM (NO- LIMIT) €50,000 BUY-IN October, 16
  • TEXAS HOLD’EM (NO- LIMIT) €100,000 BUY-IN October, 17


  • “BIG ONE” SUPER SATELLITE – STEP 1 €10,000 BUY-IN October, 13
  • “BIG ONE” SUPER SATELLITE – STEP 2 €50,000 BUY-IN October, 13
  • “BIG ONE” SUPER SATELLITE – STEP 3 €250,000 BUY-IN October, 13
  • SATELLITE €25,000 TEXAS HOLD’EM €5,250 BUY-IN October, 14
  • SATELLITE €50,000 HEADS UP TEXAS HOLD’EM €5,250 BUY-IN October, 15
  • SATELLITE €100,000 TEXAS HOLD’EM €10,400 BUY-IN October, 16

Pay attention to the size of the buy-in of the satellite #3: €250,000!

A little bit about the cash games. Well, here is the detailed list of all the stakes and variations of poker:


Rake will be taken in unusual way: once every half an hour, the amount is fixed. Maximum of €300 per hour. We should note that the highest stakes in mixed games are €20,000 / €80,000!

Minimum buy-in of the highest stakes is given on €200,000, but it looks like the players will buy-in for at least €500,000-€1,000,000.

Players will be able to hire coaches

As the pros can’t participate, they will take part in the event as… coaches.

“The player will be able to talk with his coach on the regulated breaks and between the hands,”  official press release says. 

This means the participants will be able to ask for advice in the most crucial moment – like, at the final table, for instance. This could be the deciding factor.

Guess who will coach Guy Laliberte? You are right:

If Guy himself uses this opportunity, the others will follow his example for sure.

The tournament will be broadcasted worldwide

Unlike super highroller games in Macao, One Drop Extravaganza will be an open series. The Maine event (maybe all the other events as well) will be shown on TV. We will hope that cash games will also be televised. This fact alone can impact live poker development in the world We can’t know for sure, but it will be very fascinating to watch billionaires play poker. Considering the fact, every one of them will have a personal famous coach.

We will tell you about the results of this sight.


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