5 Reasons Why Online Poker Beats Live Poker


5 Reasons Why Online Poker Beats Live Poker


Poker is one of the most popular card games. People around the world bet huge money on poker games and these games are played both online and offline. Poker has been around for a long time but the introduction of online poker gaming in the 2000s led to a huge increase in poker players. Although both online and offline forms of the game have their perks, there are still people who compare the two. Let us settle that argument and look at five reasons why online poker is better than Live poker.

Playing Speed

Being online, the poker game can strictly impose time restrictions on players and that increases the number of hands dealt every hour. Live poker is slower and the player needs to play much longer to realise the same number of wins. In fact, because of the multi-table online tournament, online players can play much more games and with more varied players which is not possible with live poker. 


Ease of Use

This is an obvious one. Being online, the poker games are accessible from any place at any time and you can play at your convenience. Even newbies can easily learn how to play poker online. Furthermore, you can easily access online Poker from within the comfort of your home. Live poker games have a specific time to play and hence restricts the players. For even tournaments, you don’t need to keep playing one game after another. You can play a game and then relax and then continue the next game at your convenience.

Lower Stakes

When playing live poker, you need much more bankroll as compared to live poker. In fact, some places have a minimum buy-in restriction to stop the player from playing with low stakes. Online poker games start with bets as low as 1% of the minimum bets of live poker games. Because of this, you can start off with a very small amount in online poker and work your way up to make more money.

Variety of Games

Being online obviously offers the edge in term of the ability to play with a variety of players across the globe. You can literally play poker with someone sitting on the other side of the planet. This is great exposure for poker players and allows them to learn all the nuances and nitigrities of poker from experts from around the world. Apart from the variety in players, online poker also offers variety in the type of games and the type of bets. There are different games such as the Spin and Go tournament and the Dealer’s choice poker games. The players can even choose to play with or without using cash.

Playing History

Some of the online poker sites let the players see the details of their opponent’s past games. This allows the players to analyse the playing style and tendencies of the opponents. You can even use these histories on user forums and form groups of poker players whom you can play with. In live poker, you may not know much about your opponent and it’s all about playing around with your opponent’s instincts.



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