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Las Vegas vs. Los Angeles, or The Last Stand of «Gambling Poker»

Las Vegas vs. Los Angeles, or The Last Stand of «Gambling Poker»

You are about to know one of the greatest secrets of the poker world. Probably we should have tried a less direct approach to telling you this. The secret is the world poker center has not been Las Vegas for quite some time, it’s LA! O yeah, baby! Bring the cash! And a couple of squids in spicy sauce to add, please!

So what is the place for World Series of Poker? Las Vegas/ First city in mind when it comes to gambling? Las Vegas. Most films about poker players shoot at? Las Vegas! Where is the biggest poker room in the world? Las… Los Angeles!

Yeah. Yeah, not Macao, not Vegas are really close to LA when ot comes to the most monumental poker buildings in the world. Commerce Casino alone has over 200 tables! Two hundred tables! Poker only, no some sort of roulette or baccarat.

And there is also The Bicycle, Hollywood Park, Hustler  and other facilities comparable to Commerce!

That is just one feature between two poker Meccas. Let’s see the list of all the differences between poker life in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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